A peace bond does not cost anything, and a person can get one without a lawyer. Typically, appointment to a justice of the peace position requires a post-secondary degree or diploma and at least 10 years of high-level work or volunteer experience. 233/09, s. 11. Qualifying to Become a Justice of the Peace. You apply for a peace bond at your local provincial court. You must present an information in front of a justice of the peace or judge. (ii) for contributions made by the Government of Ontario on behalf of the justice of the peace in respect of a pension plan as defined in subsection 40 (5), the Canada Pension Plan and group insurance plans. It doesn’t take much to become a Justice of the Peace. Obtain postsecondary training in a relevant area. Whereas information upon oath has been brought before me, a justice of the peace in and for the province of Approximately 355 justice of the peace positions exist in Ontario as of 2010. You're called "the applicant" because you're applying for the peace bond. You may make an appointment with the local Justice of the Peace by calling ahead of time. An information is a sworn statement that says why you need a peace bond. To get married in Ontario, you usually must first apply for a marriage licence from the Ontario government. An Ontario Justice of the Peace will review your peace bond application and determine whether it merits a hearing. The Justices of the Peace Appointments Advisory Committee's function is to classify candidates for appointments as justices of the peace in Ontario and to report on the classifications to the Attorney General. To do this, you must: fill out a Marriage Licence Application form and bring it to the municipal office of any city or town in Ontario, and pay a fee. The three members rejected Justice Lauzon’s application for full compensation of her legal fees. Most justices of the peace in Canada have at least a bachelor's degree, although some are able to enter the field with a diploma or less than four years of education after high school. O. Reg. Law, business and public administration are good choices. A peace bond is a court order under section 810 of the Criminal Code that requires the defendant to “keep the peace” for a certain length of time and to obey any other conditions of the peace bond. She sought a total of $202,481.31, including HST and disbursements. However, anyone who has reasonable grounds to believe that a person has committed an offence may lay an information in writing and under oath before a Justice of the Peace. care can bring forwarded a “Form 2” application. 6428–41 (00/12) 7530–4973 Ministry of Health Order for Examination under Section 16 Form 2 Mental Health Act To the police officers of Ontario. Justice Of The Peace Adjudicate civil cases in which damages do not exceed prescribed maximum established by state law, and minor misdemeanor cases not involving penitentiary sentences or fines in excess of maximum amount allowed to be levied under state law. First, there’s a BIG BIG difference between being a Judge of the Ontario Superior Court/Ontario Court of Justice and being a Justice of the Peace. Therefore any person can appear before a justice of the peace and provide sworn information that there is a person within the jurisdiction of the justice, who meets either the Box A or Box B The General Regulation enacted under the Mental Health Act states that for the If your peace bond application merits a hearing, the Justice of the Peace will sign the application and issue a summons. Once you get a marriage licence, you and your partner must have a marriage ceremony within 90 days. 400/01, s. 7; O. Reg. If there is no court close to you, you can go to a police station to apply.

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