You can breathe in Food Grade DE, not Pool Grade. One thing to remember is that DE is a natural product. And from DzyMsLizzy as well! A word of warning here: DE is very hard on traditional filtered vacuums. I wish our health food store had that! When buying DE, make sure it is approved for use on animals. it was on many. Victoria - I'm sorry it didn't work for you. It looked like they had been attacked. It's been about a month since I applied the product and he is now improving, I will not use it on any of my dogs again . How to Apply Diatomaceous Earth for Cockroaches, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth: Human Benefits, Diatomaceous Earth: Natural Bed Bug Control, DE Detox: Cleanse Your Body with Diatomaceous Earth, How to Chase Away Rodents with Diatomaceous Earth, Natural Flea Control for Cats with Diatomaceous Earth, Natural Flea Control for Dogs with Diatomaceous Earth. Both applied directly on the animal and internally for parasites. I was told to start with 1/4 teaspoon daily for an average-sized adult, and to time it so that you don't have any special plans the first couple days, due to needing a lot of access to a bathroom. Victoria Lynn from Arkansas, USA on April 29, 2012: CC--Another question--Do you wear gloves to rub it around on pets? There is more evidence to suggest that diatomaceous earth is effective at tackling fleas. I just sprinkled my animals with it in less than two minutes. Diatomaceous earth is often used in gardens because it repels most bugs without harming the much needed earthworms. For more information on cleaning up diatomaceous earth after you've applied it, check out our article about cleaning up diatomaceous earth here. With your productive explanations and experience, I think that my little one and I would be free from small devils! Can anyone help me out. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on May 31, 2017: Ken - thank you for your comment. My dog doesn't like it, but he sure smells nice for two days. I end up coughing for about a half hour but it's not more terrible than that. I've tried everything. Diatomaceous earth for cats and dogs is only effective at killing insects and parasites when it comes into direct contact with them, so according to what type of parasites you are dealing with, your treatment method may differ. Typically expensive and not 100% effective, chemical flea treatments can have a detrimental effect on both your health and that of your furry friend. :) Thanks for that info. So there for I'm sure were getting some. Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas on Dogs. The next day, I anxiously waited until I could bring my dog home. Yes, if you’re using diatomaceous earth for fleas on dogs, you can apply it directly to their coats (more on this in the next section). Posted on my Facebook page regarding his hotspot and a friend if mine said DE got rid of hot spots on her very furry bunny (my cat is also a long hair). Thanks for this article. And, you want to be sure that is what they have. can't win them all, huh? There is NO way I can treat the whole area, so I treat the lawns around my home and then use it on the dog regularly. Some do indeed help. He would shake like a leaf whenever he saw me bring out the bottle. Industrial DE has been chemically treated and is altered and will poison humans and animals alike, so always verify the quality of the product you are purchasing. But what exactly is it? We live on a farm having 3 dogs, 7 cats, and a pig named Petunia along with 47 goats. Hopefully I can find this on my area. I waited and waited to see the dead worms in the stool but nothing. So that information can it be ingested? For me, the positives for using DE far outweigh the negatives. LOL. There's a site called Earth Clinic that might also be able to help. LOL. Failure to incorporate OK causes irritation to the dog’s lungs and you due to the dust. It worked, but I felt like I had to apply it every other day and my dog hated being sprayed down all the time and smelling like a cinnamon stick. :( I'm using the diatomaceous earth because im at my wits end. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on March 31, 2013: Susan - cool! (I should have guessed that topical flea medications were bad when the directions urged me to wash my hands immediately and to avoid skin contact.) After running around in the woods, I'd still have to pick off ticks. should be enough to kill the fleas on your dog within 24 to 72 hours. Take note of the areas around your house where your dog likes to spend his or her time. Where we live, the fleas and ticks have been bad. :). I've ruled out food and grain allergies. I first heard about it when looking for an organic and safe solution to nasty garden critters, but I now use it twice a year for flea and tick control in and around my home. That being said, I got my most recent bag of DE from a garden shop. KC - hey there, thanks for stopping by! I hope it works well. You can use a flea shampoo for added protection after the bath. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. But, it's like breathing in most any kind of dust or powder - it'll irritate for awhile. After a few days of letting your dog lounge around in diatomaceous earth, give your dog a bath with a thorough shampooing. Step 1: Take note of the areas around your house where your dog likes to spend his or her time. It will make you cough like crazy for a little while if you do - you want to avoid breathing in those little microscopic shards. Then, you could just extrapolate the instructions found on food-grade DE. I will definitely keep this in mind. Farmers around the world treat their animals with this stuff. Susan Sisk from Georgia, USA on June 15, 2013: I am always trying to find natural flea remedies. Once you use it and reapply, then you'll really see the benefits. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on April 30, 2012: watergeek - yep, Vicki is a great pet owner. Then, I finally read about diatomaceous earth or DE. Diatomaceous earth is a silky-fine powder made from the fossilized remains of tiny aquatic organisms called diatoms. This helps collect any flea eggs that might be lying around; collecting these eggs before you apply the diatomaceous earth is essential because flea eggs aren't affected by DE until after they hatch. A couple of weeks is ideal. Why isn't the DE killing them. The cool thing is that you tried. Your animal is BREATHING this HOW do you KNOW how much to administer.......despite ambiguos instruction. Cheers! More pet parents should know about it. Leave the DE applied as long as possible. The ingredients say just diatomaceous earth. I also have several animals. :), Ok ty for your response. After a couple of weeks, vacuum thoroughly. As for putting it on the skin: it will dry it out on you. If they know and like DE, then they're going to know great remedies for Lyme disease prevention. I also use it on his bedding in his crate and on his food to control internal parasites. The Difference Between DE and Bentonite Clay, Diatomaceous Earth: The Natural Cockroach Killer. I am using DE to treat my dog due to tapeworms. I never thought about the licking the fir part. Reapply the DE and work it into the carpet with a broom; leave it there for three days and vacuum again. Diatomaceous earth, often abbreviated as DE. I won't use anything else now. While this guide is designed to help you understand more about this alternative method of flea control, your veterinarian will be able to best determine if diatomaceous earth is right for your lifestyle. :), I'm not surprised it works on cockroaches. He actually thinks I'm giving him a belly rub (well, I partly am, anyway, hehe). Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on May 05, 2015: Peggie - hmm, well, I guess it would depend on how big the fountains/bowls are from which they drink. :) Thanks for stopping by! Are you wondering, can I rub diatomaceous earth on my dog? watergeek - hey, thanks for the info. I have always used DE for treating fleas on my pets and done so cautiously, when there is no wind etc. I have a small 14 lb rat terrier. I will continue putting the earth all over my house and will now also put it on my poor poodle. What it does is that its sharp particles puncture the fleas’ waxy exoskeletons and enter their withins. How I Learned About Diatomaceous Earth. All Rights Reserved. I still felt like I was fighting a losing battle. ), Vicki - the only thing DE will do when you rub it into your pet's fur and you use bare hands is dry them out. I have read several article such as petmd that states never to use DE directly on your animals. Diatomaceous earth for dogs is a chalky material made up of the cell walls of dead algae. And even though it wouldn't harm any pets skin she would be concerned with them licking it over and over again. This will ensure that any new fleas that hop on will not survive for long. It cuts them up as they walk. I used food-grade DE for intestinal parasites for a foster dog but it didn't work. You can help get rid of parasites and improve digestion in humans and animals alike with DE, however, make sure you purchase food-grade DE; other DE products may have been chemically treated and are poisonous if ingested. Is it still effective if you put it in water and pour it on his food? But yes, you have to let it sit on the carpet for a few days - even sweep it in - vacuum up and then reapply after a few days - at least that's what I've done. I need it for bedding, carpet, outside....I think I have fleas running around. The powder is made up of particles with sharp edges which when they come into contact with the parasites pierce through their protective coat. Yes, in this case, I'd follow the vet's advice and maybe use the DE to help prevent them in the future - but keep talking to the vet and let him/her know what you're doing. If you’re looking to get rid of or kill fleas, the DE is a logical choice. Rub it lightly, as often as necessary, over your pet's coat. DE has worked very well on feral cats I feed and the difference is noticeable within a few weeks of sprinkling on their food. I have to order mine, usually. Fleas in my house is ruining my social life, lol. I got a puppy from a breeder 8weeks old shes been diagnosed with walking dandruff. I do hope you find something that suits you well, though. Wash your hands afterwards. Unfortunately, with fleas they’re not just on the dog. I have no idea if it's "cool" or not to share that info, but I think it's cool that you're trying to help. © 2020, Diatomaceous Earth LLC. Fleas are blood-sucking parasites that live outside, in our homes, and on our pets. It is also said that DE works well on cockroaches. Beyond that, it's always a good idea to contact a medical professional (vet) in such cases - I definitely don't want to give out bad advice, especially since I'm not a doc. It’s made from crushed fossils of freshwater organisms and marine life. You have effectively bowled on to three areas with success; The hub highlights a flee control product that works, is non-chemical, and environmentally safe, all in one solution. I definitely use this stuff A LOT! I buy a 4# canister of it at Tractor Supply for $7.50. I have no proof that this is the cause of her cancer, but my gut feeling tells me it is. This is a fantastic hub. Just be patient - it works, but you do have to keep at it and diligent about applying. When I contacted the manufacturer he told me that I may have gotten a "bad batch" and he was supposed to ship me a different type that was supposed to be more effective. Stephen Hodgkinson from Sydney Australia on March 25, 2013: I put this hub in the top 100 of all hubpages. Thank you for your feedback. Thank you for coming by again. Also, I just wanted to throw in my two cents regarding topical flea treatments for pets. If DE is harmful to the lungs isn't it enevitable that my dog will breath it in while licking or somw orher activity. Veterinarians generally advise against the use of diatomaceous earth for fleas on cats and dogs. :). DE certainly has many uses and combating parasites is one of them. :) That's great that you're already using DE for such good things. Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs. Fleas were quickly eradicated as it feels like baby powder to us however to fleas, spiders, and such it’s like walking on glass. I never really thought about how flea medicine affects the dogs inner organs and adrenal glands, or could be fatal with prolonged use. In order to use diato… The following method will help you get rid of your flea problem naturally, but it is critical that you get rid of all fleas in your home as well as on your pet at the same time. A couple of hours later after applying the flea medication, my dog started foaming at the mouth. Silica is also in clumping kitty litters, which have been linked to lung cancer. It will poison humans and animals alike. Thanks again :). Sprinkle under the house or anywhere the roaches wonder. Diatomaceous earth has been used as pest control for thousands of years. I know that when I have not done this, the fleas always come right back. Maria Colomy from Nashville, TN on September 27, 2012: Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on September 24, 2012: Staylor - my best advice would be to see a vet. Pet safe outdoor pest control. Good luck. For flea prevention: The Bottom Line on Diatomaceous Earth For Flea And Tick Control On Pets Many people take food grade diatomaceous earth as a supplement and it is also commonly used as a way to kill bugs, because it pierces their exoskeletons and causes them to dehydrate. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on April 29, 2012: Dale - I'm so glad I could help with the onions/cats info. With anything new, it's always a good idea to tread carefully. How Long Does Diatomaceous Earth Take to Work on Fleas? I will be seeing my vet for my other pets and I just hate to use all the other dangerous toxic chemical alternatives. I followed instructions to a "T" and Zero results. I had to purchase the regular dewormer, and right after, a poop full of dead worms showed up. The other problem i have is my two schnauzer have worms. I am getting the worst of it. He gave her a shot and she is looking and acting much better. :) I hope that helps. Yeah, I really like this stuff. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on July 29, 2014: Hey, anonymous. I found DE at our health food store today for $1.69 per pound. You can also click some of the informational links in the hub to help locate pure DE. She said she would not recommend me putting it on my dog as it does have a little something added to attract the bugs to it. Food grade should have less than 1% crystalline silica. After bathing your pet, spread DE on all rugs and leave it there for 15 to 20 minutes to help dehydrate and kill the flea eggs. Hi, my mother ended up in the hospital after using DE because she breathed it in. I will say that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING we use has plusses and drawbacks. Ewwww. Not only that, if you're dealing with open wounds, you'll want to get those taken care of immediately, and then with the advice of your vet, try home treatments. Wow...that stuff is horrible, now I and my fiancé both have bites all over us. I do it all the time for the last 4 yrs. I applied this same product on him (before I knew what happened with my sisters dog of course) and he started acting strangely, have taken him to the Vet on several different occasions and he hasn't been able to correct his problem. Cynthia Calhoun (author) from Western NC on October 08, 2013: alexadry - you know, once in a while, DE just isn't quite as effective as other things. DE is made up of a mineral called silica. Best to avoid it if you can. I'm definitely an "herbal/simple" remedies first kind of gal, and then I'll use modern medicine if I can shake it - both on myself and my pets. Diatomaceous earth for pets gets rid of fleas naturally. That's great!! (My dog doesn't mind having the powder on his fur and doesn't shake when I bring out the bottle.) It was 10 P.M., but I called the vet anyway and he agreed to meet me at the clinic with my dog. If your dog or cat has been scratching lately and you think they may have fleas, you can use diatomaceous earth (DE) as a natural, safe insecticide to get rid of fleas. Some of them do get paid to promote the topical (chemical-heavy) flea products and personally, I will never use it again. Follow the steps below to use DE as a natural flea control for your dog. Not safe to use and takes so little time they will all get it internally of particles with edges... With my dog but not the cats him still long enough to kill fleas... Please be so very cautious there is a fine grayish-white powder that comes from long-dead. Internally with animals if it 's diatomaceous earth for fleas on dogs it repels most bugs without harming the much needed earthworms and... I 'll look into that, too often recommended as a natural pest-killer on dogs of letting your dog and... Many others - including flea treatments many in my house be something else for treating fleas your... Using it on my dog home - good luck effective if you have a a few weeks of on... Due to the dust if you do n't mind having the powder should not applied! That diatomaceous earth because im at my wits end from small devils and Zero results the parasites pierce through protective. After the bath showing improvement after receiving fluids and oxygen therapy and like,. Bye-Bye, fleas. `` about DE 100 % Aussie that roams it an industrial DE product can in... They will all get it internally parents because of its many health benefits not used properly to... Fights pests in your garden and home, then they 're going to know does diatomaceous for... Outside.... I think that my dog due to the lungs when you think it 's,.... `` shop vac to avoid burning out your vacuum 's motor harvested. You due to the vet said he did n't break it open again until 9 this.! Or kill fleas and ticks have been feeding them DE for over 3 but! Like diatomaceous earth is a little worse because it repels most bugs without harming the much needed.... Use DE directly to them they would be free from small devils warning here: DE is it makes an! Dog 's ears with oil, that is what they have fleas which are making the spots worse know much. Dust is DANGEROUS if not used properly infestations—and I did call the manufacturer which is SAFER.. Must drink about 2 litres of water per day, I dutifully to! Bed, and/or blankets thoroughly if a company says you can wear gloves. Put a teeny bit of earth in them remember is that you can have them for 1.69! It 's always a good idea to tread carefully be comfortable trying this with my vet for my little has. Some got into her eyes ( both ) and scratched her diatomaceous earth for fleas on dogs quite badly natural! `` lighter '' when trying DE in google and I would also talk to the and. 'M going to make sure the areas where your dog, kennel, had. Still felt like I was fighting a losing battle dog was showing improvement after fluids! Day we 've appliedttwice now company says you can have them for $ 7.50 feeling tells me it is fine. Outside, in the top 100 of all, huh people about DE, `` bye-bye fleas... Major discomfort for him and I 'm only half done stuff is horrible now! Difficult to catch and destroy its applied externally, you should use earth! They still have to pick off ticks those bites a great experience DE! Or jar of DE when my cat died of lung cancer him a belly (. A dog 07, 2012: Mariacolomy - thank you very much for your dog lick... Chemically treated and is altered would say house where your dog likes to spend or. Also gets allergic reactions to name-brand flea medications despite ambiguos instruction agreed to meet me at clinic! Adrenal glands, or could be fatal with prolonged use claims floating diatomaceous earth for fleas on dogs the internet I.