Just Sayin, I recycle the milk jugs for greenhouse use, so when I ‘toss them out’, that’s their destination. I have plenty of dark storage space to store hundreds of gallons of water but what happens when the temperatures soar. In fact many Australian governments offer incentives and rebates for households investing in water conservation and storage. They are built for the needed strength to be buried for use as a septic tank or in your case a cistern. The best way to make sure you have enough drinkable water is to find a natural spring in your area. Our tanks are 500 gallon Norwesco Tanks that I have attached to gutters with a First Flush system. I was told reverse osmosis water would dissolve some of the plastic. Debbie W. You’re welcome. We, too, added a chlorine filter to our whole hose water softening system even though we do NOT drink tap water or use it in cooking. It looks clean but haven’t tried drinking it. Amazing how the very civilized Island State of Bermuda LIVES from it’s rainwater collection systems of white washed concrete roof collection systems. AC — Interesting about the asceptic milk cartons. Wasn’t offended to begin with. You’re not missing anything – everyone else is. We love having it for the garden, but it can also be our last resort for water — it would have to be filtered and purified. The case of pool shock should provide all the chlorine I could ever need for disinfecting drinking water. What are your thoughts and or suggestions? I put jugs back into original cardboard boxes they come in , store them in my basement in a cool dark place. Creeks and tarps are far from primary concerns as far as water sources. I have 4 tarp and hook set ups that cost less than 100.00 all told. Thanks for the tip. Some WH techniques collect runoff to encourage infiltration to increase groundwater … Until then, though…. :). Light and air are not good for water. MT Papa Smurf Most folks who begin to learn about storing water will come across containers specifically designed for water storage and transport on the medium scale. Number 3 were rinsed and re-filled with town water and NO air bubbles in them. I think I saw one of these on Ready Resources store but haven’t seen repair kits yet. Please note this is an exclusive club and not just any old Grumpy Fart aka NRP can lay claim to the ” Prepper Elite” aka “PEeeeee”, And if Dennis was an elite prepper, he would have his own jet and underground bunker property in New Zealand. If so, how long would it last? No ill effects then or now. when used appropriately silver inhibits bacteria and algae and more. is a "how to" guide for living well no matter what the future brings. Say, every 6-months. They are opaque and can be used and re-used multiple times. Is there a way for you to avoid freezing? Have obtained permission from neighbors across the road to put a solar powered pump in the creek if needed. You could also leave 10-15 percent of the barrel empty for expansion. containers such as kitty litter jugs , vinegar jugs,bleach jugs, new 5 gallon buckets, Pickle buckets,( takes extra effort)…all can be used after cleaning. I put 20 drops into a gallon of water and it is supposed to be good for 5 years. Advertise 3. I have a “drinking water safe” garden hose outside, would this be safe enough to fill large jugs for storing water? I live in central Arizona so I don’t have the problem of my water freezing.In the summer our temp’s can and will be over 100 and not cool off that much in the night. could also make 2by 4 frames in much bigger sizes…drape plastic over sides of frame fill with water and treat… 5-gallon plastic water bottles (scrounged from a water dispenser service) Yes, you would have to worry in that you need to have it tested. Our water supply is a well. Okay, just want to make sure I wouldn’t be making a big mistake here. I do buy some water — distilled water. I have a place in the attached outdoor laundry room but it is not cooled, winter temperatures are no problem here. We live along Lake Erie, and we have been having algae blooms that stop our water supply for sometimes two days at a time. Thanks for this, PrepperDaddy. What I really need is some sort of cistern, just haven’t figured out how I want to arrange it so as to have well water to all and kitchen. Make a concrete foundation for the barrels to sit on, about a 4×6 for two barrels. CD from OK was having a bad day and said something not to bright and so far has NOT posted again. Note that the level of chlorine will decay over time. I live in Phoenix, AZ. Come on back CD in OK. No ill will on my part. To be honest Dave, I would be nervous about the barrels being damaged (even with enough room for expansion). Happily flush toilets (If you had water to waste) and basic field showers can do with quite a bit less pressure. I have 4 different plastic containers for water… Power requirements are modest at around 7 amps, easy with a solar panel set up. – Grandparents had a rural farmhouse with about 600 gallons about 20 feet up to the base of the cistern, filled by windmill. Don’t know how long one could store it, before the urge to tap it becomes to great. We leave air space on top and it seems to help. After the water has cooled, fill clean containers as outlined in Method A. If the barrel freezes and bursts, would there be much water flowing out of it? We use the paper carton 1 gallon milk containers. Where do you have your waters stored? Trying to link this with Long Term Drinking water if someone STOLE my 12 volt shurflo portable water pump or dumped nastiness into my well that would be a Personal SHTF for me. Has anyone canned water? Will that be suitable? Terms Of Use The jugs are recyclable and can frequently be found in the recycle bins in public campgrounds by the hundreds. I get 4L glass wine bottles from the recycling center, clean and store my drinking water in them. Privacy Policy Psi? In other parts of the world, ferrocement – a construction technique involving concrete … And please post your own ideas and experiences in our comments section below, and share other ways you are storing water “just in case.”  Investing a relatively small amount of effort toward water storage can mean great peace of mind and improved success during an emergency. There also doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of people running to the hospital because their rainwater made them sick either. DO Protect from sun and light. Culligan water filtrations systems remove all the TDS (total dissolved solids) means minerals, and chlorine. Why yes you did re-create the ‘old fashion’ block ice. I actually have about six large tarps and a number of covered buckets and other containers on hand. Why not just keep the keg full of beer? It is recommended that you have two gallons of water per person per day. I’ll need security pulled while we gather it so a minimum of 2, the danger in exposure and the time it takes to retrieve, haul and filter. As you either expand or get more durable solutions, you can donate or distribute this water to folks who may be not as prepared as you are in time of need. Do I need to add additional chlorine? Gallon AZ Iced Tea containers are quite thick also. (If it is, it may be a bit warmer than otherwise). We also have a pond not far from the house and a fairly decent size creek also running thru our property. Very Cool (and useful too). It should be really quiet after that. Got a 1,550 gallon tank this year. Or does it not matter, i.e., not advantage to filling all the way so you may as well leave a couple inches open just in case? They weren’t being used roughly. Add colloidal silver as a long term disinfectant and the water remains good for at least 5 years. There are several houses in the area on City water; I would hope that my house would blend in (I’m on the very far edge of town) and the well would be overlooked easily. Pouring it between to cups, back and forth, will aerate it. should I add an amount (?) Would this work for our water? could be placed in 55 gal food grade and treated with bleach/chlorine. He will save them for you. I drink 4 to 5 oz a day to control my diabetes. seems reasonable that canned water would last at least as long as any foodstuff. Clear plastic, gal. Manuela Girotto, Matthew Rodell, in Extreme Hydroclimatic Events and Multivariate Hazards in a Changing Environment, 2019. Papa Smurf, I once sent a young medic to the female orthopedic floor at Tripler on a quest for sterile fallopian tubes. Be prepared to filter the water before use. The result will simply be a change in air pressure within the container as the temperature fluctuates in temperature. Your information was very helpful. Then put them away to keep them cleaner AND save wear and tear for next time? Two is one, one is none…if ever there was an elitist way of thinking, that must be it, eh? with a few screws). Once mine runs out I’ve got a hike to retrieve dirty water that will need filtering. But, at that time, 10 for $100 was a steal. You can filter it and/or purify it (e.g. I leave my rain barrels out all winter, sometimes I forget to drain them, they are still OK. …some ideas i have for fast cheap storage of water for non drinking storage : make a” bladder frame”… using heavy plastic. I was thinking of storing some in glass containers for emergency use. I am unsure if most filters can clean out petrochemicals like a leaking fuel supply upstream from you? Two things I like to ask; first, how long will store bought bottle water keep if left unopened and stored in a cool, dark location inside; and secondly, I keep between 70 and 100 gallons stored in plastic containers that were not made for water in a cool, dark location in my shed as “gray water” for cleaning and sanitation purposes. Creek is uphill from here so it’s just a matter of raising water over the bank then running it down to my place. For example, a tiny, one gallon-per-minute spring supplies 1440 gallons a … These containers are sealed. chlorine). While a hand pump with replacement leathers is a solid backup that Solar water pump (WITH Replacement Parts and a spare solar panel or two for hail storms etc.) I would rotate that supply to maintain its freshness.If not a personal well is chlorinated. If so just wash fill then leave it in your freezer without cutting it up. Have put off two other trips so hope to get a second tank this winter. If so , what do I use ? Yeah, the garage is attached to the house, so it may stay warm enough to not freeze. Two-liter soda bottles work well, though. If it’s clean and pure to begin with, and you don’t allow contamination to enter, it will be safe to drink. Canned water is available in 27 ounce cans and will safely store for 30+ years. We have a rain cachement system and it uses some of the 55 gallon drums, plus the 1,000 gallon water tank. Its for the toilet, washing, boiling for pot & pan cleaning, small laundry items, & etc…. Gravity flow is tough with out serious engineering effort friend. Thank you! Paid for it by not eating out, not drinking with the boys, or chasin’ women (my wife wouldn’t approve). No problem with me. I can store 16 of the Aqua-Tainer jugs under the bottom shelf. The taste will become ‘flat’ after awhile, but that’s not critical. lol We also have a dozen clean, but used, jugs strung up w some cordage and they hang from a floor joist in the basement — they’re kept just-in-case. You may also use pretty much any food-grade storage container, but keep a common sense approach to how and what you choose. Trying to do my part ! Thought long and hard about the expenditure, but figured having it should I need it was better than griping and complaining about not having it. AC, the carton has the screw cap, so I’ll do as you suggest. I think you could put some insulation around a 55 gal barrel with a incandescent ( old school, they make more heat then light ) light bulb under it. Works better if you have a way to freeze, or at least cool the to-be-refilled cylinders before you attempt to refill them. Every shelter-in-place supply should have water storage. I have used many versions of these containers, and my current recommendation is the WaterBrick System. 1. I rotate the water annually but wouldn’t have any qualms with it being a couple of years old. I’m sure the Berkey filter helps with flavor neutralization too! Remember, you will be drinking this stuff every day for who knows how long. Water is water, is water.Water does not go bad in and of itself. There is research out there re: pure silver as a water purifier and it About 15 years, or more, later, I was moving out of state, decided to empty the bleach jugs. I did make one observation. i would definetly NOT use it. The question of how much does one need to store is the most common. Might also be available on Amazon so check their and use ‘Link to order. Took forever to do 55 gallons. Here in coastal South Texas much of the ground water is salty so folks outside of town have cisterns. I use milk jugs for shortest term. I will check them out. plastic bottles. I put those garden hose attachments on the spout and use it to water the garden etc. I have many canning jars and would like to know if anything is needed to be done prior to processing. You are funny..lol… I read your post to Dennis… The freezing water tends to take the path of least resistance and expands up. 2. The reason I mentioned the 14 X 20 foot tarps collecting 175 gallons of filter ready rainwater from a 1 inch rainstorm is this: With well placed Hooks on your home and outbuildings you can run out with your tarps and most importantly HAVING available water storage to collect that blessing from a maybe brief rain event. If you choose plastic, consider choosing BPA-free or plastics which are food-grade, some of which are specifically designed for carrying potable water. Cost a bit more, made in USA. Far better to run a small aquarium heater and put it on its lowest setting, and avoid the freeze altogether. Having said that, if it does freeze, it will likely damage the containment vessel. A late night Tea drinking session Papa Smurf so last post incomplete sorry. Neat design and thank you for reminding me of it. I like that… “With water, there’s hope.” ;). I have not had one rupture yet. A junk car from a botched SHTF Bug-Out drive could keep leaking nastiness into a creek for a LONG time. Hey Dennis can I ask a favor? The installation instructions I read point out that before backfill the hole they need 25% capacity fill of water. Most have a basic filter to get rid of the dirt that washes off the roof (so you don’t have to wait a week while it settles) but that’s about it. Might work for wool, too. Tot he rest this is probably the least complicated and yet most important prep there is. It pains me to read about the lack of storage of water for households in the US. Back off to bed and hopefully sleep I go. I use it to water plants, wash some items, etc…. Will be as safe as is now. When I did empty these jugs, I used the juice jugs water in the Berkey. Bottled water is available in almost any location in a variety of sizes. The nurses were “amused” and I wouldn’t have done it if the head nurse wasn’t a friend. I bet you know a few Scriptures about being easily offended? Period. What is the safest way to store five gallon water containers? Maybe the ongoing “Elitists” comments shows we don’t know about that Forgiveness thing that our Lord mentioned in the Lords Prayer? Your occasional evening prayers are refreshing. I’ve been using a lot of white vinegar for cleaning and have all my back up water in them now. I suggest having different levels (sizes) of water containers for different things. I consider them to be very clean. A bit pricey. A device that stores energy is generally called an … This is how I have mine and it doesn’t freeze but mine is against the house out of the wind also. If they are below ground they shouldn’t freeze. Place in the freezer where you need to help with cold retention. The only place I have to store water is in my garage. Buy some quality jugs like Ken showed so if you gotta bug they hold up and do the best you can even if it is in soda bottles. The EMAS hand pumps do not use leathers. Get a water filter. When it’s heated, it expands. If you do a google search you will find many examples. 1500 gallons of life security would be pretty nice in my opinion. The aqueduct water serves residents of the District of Columbia, Arlington County, Virginia, and Falls Church, Virginia. Water is heavy and can take up a lot of space (one U.S. gallon = 8.34 pounds; 5-gallon container = 41.7 pounds plus the container). But If I gotta do that, I’m buggin out. Numbers 1-4 are stored at temperatures ranging from 50º-70ºF I use a lot of vinegar to disinfect my brewing equipment instead of using chlorine and I think it is a great way to disinfect/store water – just add a half cup or so per gallon – and drinking the vinegar is good for you. Modern methods of growing food, foliage or flowers for the millions of us who are not green thumbs Inside Urban Green Modern methods of growing food, foliage or flowers for the millions of us who are not green thumbs ... Water Storage … A normally active person needs at least one-half gallon of water daily just for drinking. 9.0.3 Equalizing Storage (ES) When the source pumping capacity cannot meet the periodic daily (or longer) peak demands placed on the water system, Equalizing Storage (ES) must be provided [WAC 246-290-235(2)] as a part of the total storage … Glass is obviously breakable and heavier – if that is an issue…. Contact your local homebrewer for leads on obtaining these kegs. My rain barrels are full most of the time, it has discoloration from leaves, moss, , bird droppings, who knows what from the hackberry and yellow popular tree. Thank you Dennis, you never disappoint me friend, you know your a bit of a Leader here on MSB. My question is, if the bung hole is allowing air to exchange, can stuff get inside and "grow? Review the following articles by Peak Prosperity members about how they manage and setup their bulk water systems:  | Rainwater Harvesting | Water Storage: An Example of Resiliency Building. Have a 1,000 gallon swimming pool that will go under one downspout once the fall rains begin. Thanks. One is 5000 litre and the other is I believe about 7000 litre. sometimes they are avail at recycle center. Oh, they charge a buck for a bottle, its a scam! Milk jugs are nearly impossible to clean all the milk out of and they leak sooner or later. It probably helps that we start with treated municipal water. Irrigation consumes double the quantity of water in comparison to all other uses. We just bought a 1/2 gallon in one of those containers so I’ll give that a try instead of the plastic milk jug. At 7 gallons, they are a bit heavy, but still very portable. I was storing tap water in used 1-gallon water jugs bought from Kroger, but got to thinking about those 5-gallon water jugs they sell for the water dispensers. I hear rumors that a LOT of Folks THINK they will Hunt for FOOD during the SHTF event. Keep in mind the recommendation that you have one gallon of water per person per day for emergency situations. – I had actually researched the plastic septic/water tanks myself. That water looked like it just was pulled from a tap it was so clear–you could see the opposite wall through a glass!!! of bleach before storing it? Amazingly soft, strong, supple, and absorbent. Here is what that looks … I don’t think that there is a “right” type of Iodine for water purification. Your jugs will start to leak, so you should keep an eye on them. Solid? Try to store a minimum of a 3-day supply. The Average Gallons of Water People Use Each Day, There are a multitude of opinions, but I’m sticking to this…. The common denominator in all survival scenarios is people. So for a family of four, that would be 24 gallons of water. These water companys simply set up shop in a small town or community that has a great water source & fill bottles. “•Pioneers trekking across the American West found that if they placed silver or copper coins in their casks of drinking water, it kept the water safe from bacteria, algae, etc.”. Dave I have 3 open top “pickle” 65gl barrels and 2 -250gl plastic tanks and 1 -30gl bung hole barrel that all sit outside. For me the answer is as much as possible without creating issues. (Chlorine/UV) Them little nasties love to mutiply and have families! Sir, how can you call yourself an elitist in the prepper category if you have not reached the 1,000 mark on TP storage???? so it’s not wasted then refill them. Fill up about 3/4 of the way to leave room for expansion to the solid form. I have collected water from tarps in the past, just not what I would prefer to do for drinking water. Lighter and easier to transport. I pulled out a cardboard juice container from the freezer about a year ago forgot it was on the floor next to the freezer. Its the same as you & I drink from the tap. Nice thing about it is no one is anxious to take this area away from you when times get bad. Fitted it with a gate-valve and hose fittings so I can use the demand water pump to back feed the home through the lawn water faucet. Although one could boil water whenever one needs to…. I have an opportunity to acquire a 1500gal poly tank that was used to transport Iodine. That’s what elitist preppers do. At 100 degrees F, water will expand by almost 1% (compared to it’s volume when it’s just above freezing). I can vouch for the KELLYKETTLE! I would put a T valve to prevent your cistern water being used until you decide it’s needed as not to potentially cross contaminate your current water system. Remember, these barrels were disinfected with chlorine and filled with tap water. I have secured sturdy five gallon containers specifically designed for water storage. The distilled water is for my nasal rinse (allergies). Sometimes survival is mere few extra days of water friend? Pretty much free. We all remember Y2K and the hype that went with it. Not easy to stack one-gallon jugs and larger sizes, Completely re-useable and can be used for other foods when not being used for water, Easy to see how much is left in each container, 1/2 gallon jars can’t be frozen for freezer backup like plastic bottles can, Durable thicker plastic (can be bumped and dropped without bursting), Able to transport in grab-and-go situations, Container cost can add up quickly when trying to achieve larger volumes. MT Start small and build up your supply. In addition, raising water tables in the EAA to increase water storage is overall more costly, but yearly costs are very low. I can possibly store them in a shed as I do not have a basement. You might look into the water containers sold in the stores which you can fill up for about 25 cents per gallon. Atmospheric changes also play with sealed containers and this is how some of them allow themselves to be “sealed” yet accommodating. Check it. 4. a Blue 55 gal. Uses very little. Slowly, as I could afford it, I gathered up the necessary down pipes and elbows to divert water run-off from my roof gutters to replenish it, should the need arise. I say that you should assess your situation, your surroundings (do you have access to other water sources than tap water? You would need a hand pump or siphon to make the water easy to use. Did I just re-create the old style ice blocks??? Most of the older homes have them because the town water supplies are a bit yucky. They will leak out so slowly that you don’t notice, and then you will have an empty container. Berkey’s on the shelf. barrels. I didn’t wash or otherwise treat the bottles, just filled and capped them. Let’s say I have water that has been in a barrel for over a year, and somehow, contaminants got inside. Cost for the tank seems to be around a dollar a gallon capacity. Hey! These can be found on line or locally from beer/wine supply stores. I too need to talk to the lady of the house about a second septic tank for cistern use. size jugs from the store I would suggest if used in water to use in glass storage containers only as the silver in solution will readily adhere to plastics and metal containers. What they could not steal they destroyed so folks would never rise up against them again). When it is needed, it is shook to add oxygen, may be poured to another container, back & forth. You could: A no-no..they are cheap plastic. It works real good. I have read a few times on other sites, advising that “canning water” was effective long term storage. I am looking to store several 55 gal blue food grade drums that I found and am cleaning out as I type. It won’t pour in the frozen state but we’d have easy to pour water once defrosted. Anywhere from 1 gallon to 2.5 gallons can be purchased for very little, and you can get a few days’ supply of water in one shopping trip. It will allow us to keep our sanitation up and at the same time not waste any of our precious water supply. I use 1 gallon Glass jugs for storing my drinking water. You could also use heat tape. I live in the south where it’s sunny, hot at humid. There seems to be no one that is really concerned about sterilizing the water. more modern pumping station. Mountain Dew Bottles 16.9fl oz. but how would you prepare well water for long term storage?? This is suitable for drinking, but not for long term storage. Therefore, water storage on farmlands is an affordable interim method of … Didn’t take a planned road trip to cover the cost. I ust bleach and allow o sit for 30 min so solution covers all. and have two food grade 55 gallon blue barrels. ), Will require purification and filtration to ensure safety for drinking, Usually requires additional infrastructure (solid foundations, pumping, piping, weather protection), Publicly visible water storage alerts folks of a water source during long-duration outages. I there are tooooo many comments to go through so forgive me if my question was answered already somewhere in the middle. Dave,I too live in Ohio,I have had 4 (55 gal) filled for the last 3 winters.never had a problem.Leave about 3 inchs of head space. I am not sure if purchasing the 55 gal blue barrels would be better. Question on the frozen milk jugs to help retain ‘the freeze’ in a freezer if the lights go out: Should we trust those milk/water jugs (1 gallon size) in the frozen state in our freezer, or should we get something else? Easy to store in the bathroom where you will need it. I want to fill each of them with my well water and put ten cc of H202 in them and then put them in my crawl space under my home. If you’re worried about pressure changes in your storage containers, people might try what wine makers us as a pressure relief valve. Example: take a gallon of milk and put it the freezer, it will probably burst. In the place where the rain water tank was I now have our “cooking” bin from the composting toilet system we have installed. To clarify, the water is municipal water that I’ve run thru a reverse osmosis system. Just be sure to fill that tub the day before the SHTF. I have a hundred or so one gallon plastic bottles that we bought to use where distilled water is indicated. Or do you? Easy to store in cabinets and other small spaces. I’m guessing iodine would work but I’m not sure on how much or what type… etc. There are several varieties. While this is a generally acceptable method of purifying water… – Does it ever freeze in the crawl space? A repair kit is important. The District’s required storage and pumping capacity is evaluated using two different methods, described below: Method 1 Peak Hour Supply – All Above Ground Storage. It gives me some level of peace thus far BUT I am well aware at least one year I walked the creek back to the spring to find a half butchered deer laying in it….. Papa Smurf I am happy to hear you have surface water available.