Irrigation techniques like Surface Irrigation, Sub surgace Irrigation and Sprinkler Irrigation. Surface or gravity irrigation; Sub surface irrigation; Pressurized or irrigation; As water is now Gold Liquid so to save the water, efficient method of irrigation is Drip irrigation which has an efficiency of 80-90%. CHAPTER THREE: IRRIGATION METHODS AND DESIGNS 3.1 IRRIGATION METHODS a) Surface Irrigation: Just flooding water. Irrigation systems can be depreciated over either a 7 or 15 year period. Within those categories there are sub-categories that further define the type of pump. Skip Navigation. The key rule regarding whether it is 7 or 15 years is based on whether the system is located above or below ground. This chapter gives some very broad guidance and indicates several important criteria in the selection of a suitable irrigation method. There are numerous types of pumps designed for various purposes. Irrigation methods 1. In all the surface methods, Surface irrigation Uncontrolled flooding, Border strip,Check,Basin,Furrow method. Methods of irrigation surface irrigation. Types of Irrigation Techniques and Methods in India. Advantages of Basin irrigation, Furrow Irrigation, Well and Tube Well Irrigation and Canal Irrigation. Subsurface irrigation method. About 90% of the irrigated areas in the world are by this method. Now, come with me to shake hands with subsurface irrigation. Classification Of Irrigation Methods: Besides the general ways, irrigation methods are classified into three categories. Testing of the various methods - under the prevailing local conditions - provides the best basis for a sound choice of irrigation method. The 1st page is at Pumps: Selecting-a pump step-by-step. The sub surface irrigation method consists of supplying water firectly to … Major component of Tank Irrigation, Drip irrigation and Sprinkler Irrigation. Sub surface irrigation is again divided into natural sub irrigation and artificial sub irrigation. Pumps commonly used for irrigation fall into two broad categories: Displacement Pumps and Centrifugal Pumps. On any farmable slope subsurface irrigation can be set up to water any crop and these types of irrigation are used mostly on high-value crops such as vegetables, etc. Classification of irrigation methods. Methods of irrigation are broadly grouped under: Surface irrigation; Subsurface or sub irrigation; Overhead or sprinkler irrigation; Drip irrigation ; Last modified: Tuesday, 3 January 2012, 9:18 PM. Methods of irrigation have both advantages and disadvantages depending on the type. 7.1 Surface, Sprinkler or Drip Irrigation In subsurface irrigation tillage methods are a significant factor and this irrigation is suitable for windy and dry areas and to avoid blockage in the pipes water should be filtered. Home. Classification of irrigation methods. This part of the Pump Tutorial Series. There are mainly three methods- surface irrigation, subsurface irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. of irrigation, water is either ponded on the soil or allowed to flow continuously over the soil surface for the duration of irrigation. b) Sprinkler Irrigation: Applying water under pressure. Table NJ 6.16 Irrigation Water Requirements for Tree Fruit, Grapes, and Brambles Table NJ 6.17 Factors Causing Plugging of Emitters Table NJ 6.18 Plugging Potential in Microirrigation Systems Table NJ 6.19 Diameter of Soil Wetted by a Single Emitter Table NJ 6.20 Suggested Emitters Table NJ 6.21 Recommended Maximum Pressure Ranges for Emitters We shall discuss about each of the subdivisions in another blog. micro irrigation methods and the variety of systems for each method that can be adaptable to meet local crop, water, and site conditions and irrigation concerns. ii (210-vi-NEH, September 1997) Part 652 Irrigation Guide Acknowledgments Part 652, Irrigation Guide, is … Different types of irrigation and irrigation storage systems in India. Surface Irrigation classification. Navigation. Site pages.